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Tucson SEO ServicesSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process and tasks of improving the search rankings of a website for a specific set of keyword phrases. The goal of higher search rankings is driving more traffic to a website and ultimately increasing business. Either more prospective customers raising their virtual hands saying let's talk, or in E-commerce situations simply more orders. Nearly 4 billion keyword phrases are searched on Google, Yahoo, Bing!, Ask and other lesser known search engines every day (i.e. SEO Services Tucson is searched for on average 40 times a day!). Are the people conducting those searches looking for your product or service? And more importantly are they finding you?

Unless your site is on the first page of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) you've failed to be found by a prospective customer. When people search, 75% don't look past the first page of the search results! Can you afford NOT to be on page one? By the way, if buying Google Ads is your answer... 4 out of 5 people ignore the ads. Can your business afford to miss out on 80% of your sales opportunities?

Ready to put your website at the top of the search results? Request A Quote, or call us at 520-230-2322. If you would like to learn more about what goes into our SEO Services read on...

Search Engine Optimization Is At The Foundation of Our Work

Website Design - Website Development - Search Engine OptimizationThe SEO tactics you choose (or your Tucson SEO Expert chooses for you!) when optimizing your site and building inbound links will make or break your results. We understand that  high rankings are critical to your business success, but don't resort to questionable tactics or tricks to achieve a short term solution. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Black hat tricks can backfire and have search engines pushing your site from the first page of SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) down into the tenth page and beyond! We are experts at SEO for Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley companies, and have been helping businesses just like yours rank better since the 90's. We know from experience what works and delivers results, positively affecting your bottom line. Be cautious as some firms use tactics that look suspicious to Google and while they may deliver short term results, they won't last. Google frequently changes their ranking algorithms to prevent spamming of the search results. This makes the goal of achieving high search rankings an endless loop of research, modification and testing, but at BANG!, always staying within Google's guidelines.

Tucson SEO Services Checklist

  • Client Consult - Uncover information about your business to generate a “persona” of your ideal customer. The better we understand your business, the better we will be at communicating the right message for site visitors and Google.
  • Research - What keyword phrases do your customers search for (as example, "search engine optimization" vs. "SEO."). We have tools that "ask" Google which keyword phrases people are really using when they search. We also look at LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords Google expects to find on the same page. For example, a page about ancient African spears should not have the word Brittany on it ;-)
  • Build - Search engine optimized website pages with page titles, meta description tags, headlines and body copy targeted at what has been proven to be the most frequently searched keyword phrases by your prospective customers and that are relevant to your service or products.
  • Content Development - Website copy has to be appropriate for two audiences. Your prospective customer and Google. You must use your keyword phrases in the right balance. Low keyword density (the frequency the phrase is used on the page) results in low rankings. Over use a keyword phrase and Google will penalize you, perhaps off of the desired first page of the SERPs. Copy should be easy to read and at an education level appropriate for your customer demographics. Graphics, photos, and even videos should be included on the page to add interest and convey meaning visually (and my apologies for this rather text heavy and visually lacking page, but Google rewards text heavy pages and gives little weight to photos).
  • Proper Keyword Positioning - Keyword phrases (and we do mean phrases... most search queries today are 3-5 words or more and getting longer) must be optimally placed on the page. For example, a keyword phrase that begins a paragraph carries more weight than the same phrase included later in the website copy.
  • Internal Link Structure - Properly linked (anchor text) keyword phrases within your pages can help your rankings by showing Google what your pages are about. As an example... Best Web Designer in Tucson.
  • Publish a Sitemap .XML File - Use Google Search Console and Bing! Webmaster Tools to submit an .XML site map that lists out all the pages of the site and links to them.
  • Inbound Link Building - Probably the hardest task in SEO is building links from other websites related to yours (i.e. on the same or closely related topic). Your sites content is only part of a successful SEO campaign. Inbound links, directory listings, & citations on other sites are all critical in achieving top rankings in the SERPs, especially in local/map based search results.
  • Regular Site Updates - Site visitors and Google hate sites that never changed and aren't updated on a regular basis. Frequent additions to a site are critical today in getting and maintaining first page results. Just like in cooking, fresh is better! A website that goes stagnant often falls out of the top 10 results within a short period of time. Measure your results... make changes... measure... change again... repeat the process. SEO keyword phrases should be checked regularly and keep pace with the changes in your industry terminology.

Getting visitors to a website can be a challenge for some web designers, but BANG! has over 22 years of experience in driving traffic to websites. Our digital marketing and SEO skills can make a huge difference in your bottom line. We guarantee we'll increase the number of visitors to your website after a redesign that includes our SEO services. Request A Quote, today or call us at 520-230-2322.

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We had BANG! redesign our website to obtain a new fresh look and increase our rankings in the Google Search Results and boy did they deliver! We went from getting 1 or 2 requests for quotes per month to 1 or 2 per DAY! Talk about Return on Investment, we'll have paid for our new website in no time.

- Jim Kavadas - TuffRod

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