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Website Design is the art of distilling the essence of a company, maximizing the strong points, minimizing any deficiencies, and delivering an online marketing tool, your website, that site visitors repeatedly pick up the phone and call you or hit the golden Contact Us button. Sounds simple right? Well... have you thought about all the elements a good web designer thinks about before building your site... layout, color, typography, images, graphics, video, copywriting, and then making sure everything comes together and looks great on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Creating a "Website That Works" has been our focus since 1996 and with nearly a Thousand sites completed we've got the experience to design a site for your business that gets results. We work with nearly all industries and all sizes of businesses from solo entrepreneur's to companies with hundreds of employees and International sales. We offer a free initial one hour consultation to determine what your goals are for the site, and from there we will prepare a detailed written estimate that includes the tasks to be completed and the hours required to make your vision a reality. Ready to get started? Request A Quote, or call us at 520-230-2322. If you would like to learn more about what goes into a successful Web design read on...

Website Design

What makes a Website Design, or redesign successful?

At BANG! we feel the measure of success for a web design agency is how well they deliver ROI (Return on Investment) and meet a company's goals for the website. For some businesses all they want is a "Validation Website" or an online brochure. They simply want a website to validate that the company is real, maybe provide phone number and address information and a way to be contacted by e-mail. To us this is a bare minimum website project and still includes the following website design tasks...

Development of a sitemap - The "blueprint" if you will of what we are going to build. You wouldn't build a building without having a blueprint of what size it was going to be and what rooms it would include. Where are the windows and doors to be placed? One floor or many? In our world that blueprint or sitemap as we call it serves a similar purpose. It answers the following questions...
  • How many pages will the site contain?
  • What are those pages named?
  • What content will be on those pages?
  • Is that content text, graphics, photos, videos or a combination of all of these?
  • How will the navigation be structured and in what order will the pages be presented?
  • What is the relationship of one page to another?
  • Perhaps most importantly, what do we want the site visitor to do once they arrive at the site? Call? Fill out a contact form? Make a purchase?

All of these decisions are considered as we layout our sitemap. Typically a sitemap looks like an organizational chart with the homepage at the top and sub-pages below arranged left to right as they would appear on the navigation bar for the site. This allows our development team and the client to visually see in a wireframe mode what we are building.

Design Concept - Now that we have an understanding of what we will be building, we need to determine the aesthetics of the site...

What is the primary color to be used on the site? Secondary? Generally determined by branding the client has previously determined or perhaps their logo color. If we are asked for input we'll ask about who their primary customers are? Male or Female? Ethnicity? Young or Old? Region of the Country or International? All of these factors will influence design choices.

The young or old question plays into decisions on font size, contrast, and some clues to what device a site visitor might be using? Font size is pretty obvious. If we know the primary site visitor is over 50 we may enlarge the font size a couple of points to increase readability. Contrast is also more important for those that might not have 20/20 vision anymore. If our target site visitor is a millennial it is quite likely they'll be visiting the website from their smartphone vs a desktop computer. While we use responsive design techniques so the site will work well across all device types we may make decisions based on the most likely device to be used.

To go back to our architectural and building analogy, will their be carpeting, wood or tile on the floors? What color will we paint the walls? Is the wood painted or kept natural? Overhead lighting or wall sconces... you get the picture.

Content Development - So now that we know what rooms we have and what colors the walls are, what is the furniture going to be like? Sofas and loveseats? Recliners and coffee tables? How about a nice big flat screen TV or in our world, will there be a video on the page?

Primary content on a website tends to be text and photos. These are the easiest and quickest to produce or acquire. On a simple validation site the client will often write the text and supply the photos. If the client would like us to take care of it we'll put a website copywriter to work and go to either stock photos or hiring a photographer to shoot new photos. If the budget allows and the project lends itself to it we've got a great videographer we use to produce videos that not only provide visual appeal but tell the story the company wants to present to a generation that has grown up on TV and sitting there watching vs reading. YouTube as a traffic source shouldn't be overlooked either.

Deployment - Once decisions have been made an the website has been designed and approved it's time to make it live to the world. Since we have our own Web Servers and take care of the website hosting, this is a straightforward process and nothing our client's need to worry about. We run through a checklist and make the necessary changes to DNS entries to make the site live. At this time we also setup website analytics or reporting, submit the site to the Google Search Console and create a few inbound links from our sites to aid in Google finding the site and indexing it.

Lead Generation Websites

If a business wants their website to be more than a static brochure, but a website that actually brings in business, there are some extra steps both before and during the design process. For instance, if the website is to be found on Google searches not just for the company name, but for generic searches such as "Plumber in Tucson" or "Tucson DUI Attorney" we need to perform at least some basic SEO tasks before we even start on the sitemap.

Keyword Research - We have tools that allow us to lookup exactly how people are searching for your product or service. As an example the phrase Tucson Website Design is searched for on average 90 times per month, with peaks of 210 searches in September and 170 in October. Armed with this knowledge we can build the website with pages and content specifically targeted to rank well for this keyword phrase. Knowing what phrases are searched for the most allows us to optimize the site for success and a high ROI for the customer.

SEO - Once the site launches we'll want to start a monthly SEO Campaign making the site highly visible to Google, adding fresh content to the site on a regular basis and performing link building to influence the search results for the chosen keyword phrases. This page has more information on our Tucson SEO Services.

As you can see, Web Design in Tucson is a complex process if you want maximum ROI. We feel strongly that your website should not be just one more expense for the business, but your hardest working employee, bringing you new business 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. The ongoing hosting cost is the same, why not maximize your results and turn that expense into an asset?

Ready to get started? Request A Quote, or call us at 520-230-2322 for your free one hour consultation on a Website Design for your business!


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I have had multiple websites over the years, but none have compared to the site built by BANG!. Frankly, none of the other sites ever resulted in leads for my services. With BANG!'s site I received work within one month of the site being finished. BANG! was very easy to work with throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to update their site. We made the right decision to hire BANG! Web Site Design to build our site. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a presence on the Internet.P.S. After 6 months of the new website launch and our monthly SEO Campaign, our Internet generated business has increased by 440%!

- Jason Farrier - Elite Home Inspections

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