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Website Development is the back end, behind the scenes details that site visitors don't necessarily see, but are required for the site to function correctly for them. If you've ever visited a website and received error messages or couldn't accomplish the task such as filling out a contact form or making an online purchase you've experienced how important Web Development is. There's more to a website than "looking pretty".

Creating a "Website That Works" has been our focus since 1996 and with nearly a Thousand sites developed since then we've got the experience to build a site for your business that gets results. We work with nearly all industries and all sizes of businesses from solo entrepreneur's to companies with hundreds of employees and International sales. We offer a free initial one hour consultation to determine what your goals are for the site, and from there we will prepare a detailed written estimate that includes the tasks to be completed and the hours required to make your vision a reality. Ready to get started? Request A Quote, or call us at 520-230-2322. If you would like to learn more about what goes into Web Development for Tucson businesses read on...

Web Development Tucson Arizona

Website Development at BANG! generally covers two areas...
  1. Back end administrative areas of the website like the CMS (Content Management System) where pages are added, edited or deleted, entering and/or approval of reviews by your customers, generation of the .xml sitemap used by Google and Bing! to index the site, management of the images in the homepage slideshow, and other such maintenance tasks.
  2. Custom programming - Creating forms that are unique to your business like a RFQ (Request for Quote) form with industry specific questions, or application forms that gather information from a client such as loan or tenant applications, as well as anything related to e-commerce and sales related functions.

Content Management Systems

Unlike most Web Developers, at BANG! we don't use an open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. There are a couple of reasons we've made a conscious decision not follow the masses and take what many would consider to be the easiest path.
  1. Ease of Use - By using the CMS system we developed long before WordPress came along (WordPress started in May of 2003 and we were building sites in 1996) we've been able to control the experience our client's get and they aren't forced to change every time some 3rd party chooses them to do so. If you, like many people, hate to "have your cheese moved" then you'll like BANG!'s approach of not forcing new versions and interfaces on our client's. Our system is simple and straightforward and client's that have come to us after having a WordPress website often say our system is much easier to use.
  2. Web Security - WordPress has been known for it's security vulnerabilities that ripple across the Internet leaving potentially Millions of websites vulnerable when a security problem gets replicated across many sites. In one annual period there were 15 vulnerabilities that forced clients using WordPress to patch their website. Unfortunately those patches also often broke the design of the website so website owners had to choose between an insecure website or a broken one. Because around 75 Million websites use WordPress they are a hackers dream as compromising one site can lead to an exploit that can affect literally millions of businesses. Think about it this way, if a lock company was known for being easy to pick, would you use that lock? Or let your neighbors use them so their houses were broken into rather than yours?

Custom Programming

It's pretty easy to be a Web Designer today. With platforms like SquareSpace or WIX it doesn't take a lot of programming knowledge to develop a website. However, when your site needs something not on the platform you've got a challenge that may be difficult to overcome. At BANG! we take pride that we have the experience and expertise to program custom solutions when a client needs them. Just a few of the custom solutions we've provided our client's over the years are...
  • A site that updates it's pricing every 15 minutes based on the changes in the price of gold and silver
  • Sites that accept an upload from QuickBooks to update pricing and inventory levels for an online store
  • Bi-directional connections to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to handle orders for the 12th largest Amazon seller
  • Google Maps integration for sites to find the closest dealer, restaurant, and RV dealer and provide directions to them while offering multiple choices to choose from

We provide these custom web programming services securely, without using off the shelf 3rd party components or widgets that may very well introduce unwanted changes in the behavior of the website or security bugs by using them. What would you like your website to do that it can't currently? The Tucson Web Developers at BANG! would welcome the opportunity to solve that challenge for you. Contact us today by filling out our Request for Quote form or calling us at 520-230-2322.

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The experience building a website with BANG! was outstanding. As a lawyer and small business owner, I just wanted someone searching for my name to find a professional looking website. I was open to all suggestions and did not really care what the site looked like. Little did I know, when the site was being created I was a lot more particular than I thought. The BANG! staff was outstanding. They were able to cater to every idea that I had and even threw in a few ideas of their own. BANG! was excellent in taking my thoughts on what the site should look like and actually creating it. I am more than thrilled with my website and no longer embarrassed when clients and potential clients visit it. Thank you! P.S. After 6 months of the new website launch and our monthly SEO Campaign, our Internet generated business has increased by 440%!

- Aaron Black - Aaron Black Law

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